• Indicating... Is a sign of weakness?

    Information shared recently following a poll by RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured shed light on driver behaviour when it comes to the use of indicators... Or signals, if you prefer... And the results were rather shocking.

    Car indicators

    Anyone who lives in Dubai will understand that there is a multitude of skills, experiences and driving standards that you may come across on Dubai's roads, so some confusion out there may be acceptable.

    But still; come on guys? Really?

    You see, four out of ten respondents surveyed believe that using an indicator while driving in the UAE is a... Wait for it... Sign of weakness! And inexperienced driving!


    Excuse me?

    It's alarming, actually, and a shame that there are drivers out there who are willingly capable of endangering their own and other people's lives by their ignorance towards the indicator switch.

    It IS there for a reason people -- if we didn't need them, cars wouldn't be built with them! Simple!

    There is a lack of indicator use on Dubai's roads; because of this, 24 out of the 122 fatalities in 2015 were a result of people changing lanes without indicating, as reported by Dubai Police. And sudden swerving caused approximately 461 major accidents.

    It's a little comforting to learn however, that 67% of the 1000 drivers surveyed claim to indicate "almost every time" they are required to.

    But do you know what? Even they are at fault. Unfortunately the reality is that indicator's are a necessity. There are of course circumstances in which you are not required to use them, and thus using them would be basic good driving etiquette

    I appreciate there are lots of driving standards brought to the roads here, but I'd like to clear something up for everyone. Indicators should be used when pulling away, when parking, when moving around a parked car (if necessary), when overtaking, when at a roundabout, reversing around a corner, parallel parking, merging with traffic, when leaving a motorway AND when changing lanes!

    Basically every move you make in your car. Letting people know what you're planning to do on the road is never a bad idea. Start using your indicator!

    If you're still struggling on how and when you should use them, here's some instructions for you.

    Over and out, Rebecca @ ExpatWoman.com

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