• Dubai is the millionaire's playground

    So we are all well aware of the fact that Dubai is an extremely lavish city, and this title is well-deserved I think.

    In recent news it’s been confirmed that 42,000 of Dubai’s residents are millionaires… 42,000 in our little city, that some of us call home!

    Burj Khalifa

    The latest report of the New World Wealth has indicated that Dubai’s expat millionaire residents are increasing annually, and has recently increased by 5% in 2015.

    The report also placed Dubai as the fourth biggest global destination for relocating millionaires, following Sydney, Melbourne and Tel Aviv.

    But let’s face it, are we really all that surprised?

    Remember the show, ‘The Jetsons,’ where George and Jane Jetson used to live in the future? A future that was filled with flat screen televisions, robots, video phones calls, electronic tablets, dog treadmill and robot vacuums, meanwhile sporting a stylish, yet totally efficient wrist watch that would allow them to talk to their friends, watch their favourite television shows and check the current time. Well my friends, I hate to break this to you, but here in Dubai, we are the ‘Jetson generation’, where the future is accessible by simply looking out the window.

    Being home to the largest man-made island and tallest tower in the world, the UAE has definitely implanted its mark across the globe, as a leading example for the wealth and success – remember, 40 years ago this place was practically just sand.

    So what does it take to actually be recognized globally as a luxurious country that everyone has on their travel bucket list?

    Well, to start, here in Dubai the police drive Lamborghinis, BMWs, Mercedes and the list goes on... Wouldn’t that be a nice send off for an offense- get arrested and get a free Lamborghini ride? If you’re considering getting arrested for this freebie car ride, please don’t.

    Also, it isn’t unusual to see or drive next to a Bugatti, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, or a Bentley in the same day here in Dubai - it’s totally normal. And that’s the thing, living as an Expat here in Dubai, it’s so common that I often don’t even look twice, but when my friends visit from back home, they are in awe at the site of so many extravagant and beautiful cars, that I often take for granted. Speaking of cars, you can often find extremely unique and rare cars here like a gold plated Ferrari, or an Aston Martin that is bedazzled with diamonds. If you’ve shamelessly taken photos of such cars, don’t worry… we’re all guilty of snapping the same photos, whether residents or tourists!

    If you’re heading to a birthday party and forgot to get a gift, head on over to one of the world’s most expensive hotels, Atlantis The Palm, which is located on one of Dubai’s artificial islands and buy your friend some gold from the Gold To Go Gold ATM machine.

    There is so much that Dubai has to offer, which is probably why millionaires choose to live here. Whether you are on an average income or a millionaire’s income, Dubai always has something to offer, regardless of your financial situation, and even though the majority of the country is not comprised of millionaires, anyone can still appreciate and celebrate Dubai’s luxury by visiting the world’s largest shopping mall or the world’s tallest tower for free.

    Ahh Dubai, home to the world’s only 7 star hotel in the world, and the place that you can bundle up to a nice cup of hot chocolate in a café made of ice, or go skiing and snowboarding in the middle of the desert. Dubai is extremely unique, and the list to prove this is endless. However, even with all its flashy and overt exposure to all things lavish, Dubai is still a cozy place that many expats will always love and consider to be their second home.

    Ciao for now, Dina @ ExpatWoman.com

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