• 10 memes that perfectly sum up Dubai's summer

    We're all guilty of it... Wherever we come from in the world, we hope our new lives in Dubai will bring with it glorious weekends, a cracking tan and plenty of opportunities to get out and about.

    Alas, we were wrong. And we can safely say, as we're sure you'll agree, is NOT the case when it comes to the summer months in Dubai. Sorry, we mean from April - October. We're all pretty much uncomfortable for at least 7 months of the year here in the sandpit.

    And it's only April  11th and we're already feeling the temperature rising...

    So every year, with everyone stuck inside, trying not to fry, there's plenty of opportunity to create some fantastic memes. Here's our top 10 that perfectly sum up a Dubai summer.
    Summer in dubai ice cream

    Summer in dubai driving

    Summer in dubai humidity

    Summer in Dubai Funny Meme
    Summer in dubai be happy

    Summer in dubai cookies

    Summer in dubai temperature

    Summer in dubai water

    Summer in dubai air conditioning

    Summer in dubai water temperature

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