• It's September... Where has this year gone?

    September is upon us, and with it comes a new academic year, fresh ideas, plans and a welcomed back to routine. It doesn't matter if you work or not, or you're a parent or not, everyone gets the feeling this time of year... Heads down, smart heads on. Summer's over.
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    Schools have re-opened, and hundreds of thousands of students around the world head for the classroom and lecture hall. We're sure, like here in Dubai, traffic has picked up around the place during rush hour too? So folks, please take care on the roads wherever you are!

    To help your child(ren) get settled back into their education, follow our ExpatWoman Back to School Guide, which includes tips on reintroducing a bed time, homework help and even handling those dreaded hairlice... Yuck!

    As part of the back to nursery or school routine, have you thought about how you as a parent can help promote independence in your child? Or even how you can help them learn? And most importantly, how you can help to keep their brain healthy in and outside of the academic arena. After all, your child's brain is like a sponge, they love to learn! So the more you can do as a parent to help encourage independence, assist their learning and allow them the chance to ask for help when need be, the better learner they will become.

    Don't forget the all important afterschool activities they can join in!

    Alternatively, if you're a parent of a student or a student yourself who are moving to university this month, our advice on what you should and shouldn't take might prove rather useful for you.

    Why should the kids have all the fun, though? Mums, dads, grandparents... Go back to education yourself! Like here in Dubai, there's plenty of courses to get involved with. Or if you're itching for a career path change, browse our daily updated jobs section with lots of vacancies currently available!

    Over and out, Rebecca @ ExpatWoman.com
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