• Summer in Dubai: Survival of the Fittest Expat

    These past few weeks, the temperature has been climbing here in Dubai and I was recently reminded why I hate summer—migraine attacks.

    For someone who hates summer, the United Arab Emirates is the worst place to be. But recently I had an epiphany—if I refuse to embrace the fact that it will always be dry season here then I should not be here at all. Besides, I had a feeling I was already annoying my husband and my colleagues for complaining too much. I decided to change my mentality because I love Dubai and I am no stranger to moving around from one place to another, it should be easy to bend than to break. It was time to change my way of thinking about the heat.
    woman with sore head

    I started to reverse my mentality and decided to be an all-out summer loving person. I bought a nice hat to keep my head cool when I am out in the sun (helmets aren’t fashionable) to prevent migraine attacks, sunscreen for my face and convenient foldable sunglasses for my eyes. I embraced the heat and found ways to keep myself cool. On a weekend away from home, I stayed for hours in the pool and a couple of hours by it just basking in the sun. I did not complain not even once and actually found myself thoroughly enjoying it.

    Expat life is the same. I realized that acclimatization is similar as trying to adapt to life as an expat. Whoever is the fittest, mentally and physically, survive. While most of us do it very well, expat life is not for everyone and it requires great effort for them to adjust to life and ways abroad. Contrary to popular belief, expat life is not always about sunny days (except when you talk about it literally!).

    I have heard of people who could not even last for more than a year because they refuse to adapt to the culture, the way of life and the climate. They end up being unhappy in their jobs with unhappy personal lives and they end up despising people around them. I read this from a magazine earlier: “Where you are, be all there.” It is exactly my philosophy. Whenever I’m asked what makes expat life easy for me, I always say that I have that state-of-mind to call wherever I am home. And the golden rule for summer in Dubai and expat life is the same: stop complaining and embrace the change.

    Yes, the sun and I are friends now. If I can easily adjust to life as an expat, embracing the sun should be very easy.

    Have a fun summer!

    Stay awesome, Gail Jr. @ ExpatWoman.com
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