• Are you bored of Dubai?

    Between all the glitz and the glam of living in your expat country, especially when it is a place like Dubai, sometimes you might find yourself at a loss for what to do. Or you're simply fed up of your host country. It was this particular thread on our forum that got EW's Catherine thinking...

    I have lived in many places across three continents. In everyone one of them I hear whispers of “it’s boring here”, “there’s nothing to do here”, “I would rather live...”. I even hear this from people in my home town and have never shown any intention of moving. Yet I am always slightly perplexed when I meet people who tell me there is nothing to do in Dubai!
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    I have only lived in Dubai a short while but I have spent 7 years traveling to Dubai... I cannot keep up with the place! Granted it is not the same as my home country - that place I will always miss and be biased towards - but there is plenty to keep me occupied here. From sports, horse riding, book clubs, coffee mornings, beaches, museums, culture tours, markets, souks, craft fairs, short courses, skiing, cooking lessons, charity work, blogging, zorbing, music concerts, visit neighboring cities, shopping shows, attractions, outdoor cinemas and spas to name just a few! According to one website there are 5300 restaurants in Dubai. If you went to a different restaurant every day it would take you 14.5 years to eat in all of them. Plus, if you do not fancy doing anything at all you can relax by a pool, beach club, public beach or in the comfort of your own air-conditioned home. Why not sip away on an iced cold drink while reading a book! Or lose yourself in your own thoughts while relaxing.

    I am guilty as the next person of getting in a rut, jumping on the band wagon of moaning and spending the day indulging in back to back episodes of the latest TV drama and feeling like I would rather be back with my family. This usually resorts to me trying to Skype everyone back at home, realising they are all still in bed, and having to motivate myself to go out and make things happen.

    It was my choice to move here so it’s my choice to go and explore and learn about my adopted home. In Dubai I am never disappointed, there’s always something, it may take me a while to get there with the traffic on SZR but I will always find something to do. I have found this to be true in many cities I have visited. It's easy to get jaded when you are amongst it all and take for granted what is on our door step. Am I bored in Dubai? Certainly not!

    Catherine @ ExpatWoman.com
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