• A heatwave, an egg and a car...

    It's inevitable at this time of the year for all of us living here in the sandpit that is known as Dubai. June has begun, thus temperatures are rapidly soaring and Dubai's weather is slowly becoming unbearable for some. Of course, there can't be any surprise over this as - like noted - we're in a sandpit. A desert. An Arabian desert that is prone to a little bit of scorching heat now and again.

    But while there is no shock that it is indeed, very hot, I think the surprise lies in the fact that has been a little too hot for a couple of weeks now... And it's only just the beginning of June! Anyway. Myself and the rest of the team decided to test out the "heatwave temperatures" that are splashing headlines in the Emirates by frying an egg on our boss' car bonnet.

    (Disclaimer: This is for a little bit of fun. We don't encourage you to go and start cracking eggs on your boss' or neighbour's car for the sake of it. We did get permission first!)

    I can't help but admire the sheer sarcasm that engulfs social media surrounding such news as a "heatwave" - they are a little funny! Especially the one where there's the sun, then Dubai as it's own planet, and then planet Earth. Our ExpatWoman.com members have been quick to add their own favourites while discussing the weather on our forum.

    Another topic that's been popular recently is a thread titled "You know summer has fully arrived when...". Just read some of the responses, we agree with most!

    Over and out, Rebecca @ ExpatWoman.com
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