• What is the PCRF Healing Hearts Initiative?

    22,000 kilometres, 90 days, 30 countries in aid of sick and injured children from the Middle East

    Most travellers to UK check out whether the flight is direct, or has one stop. Not this adventurer!

    richard and desert rose“My name is Richard Mitchell, as a 56 year old father and grandfather with a zest for life and adventure I will embark on an adventure, riding my fully customized Honda Africa twin, nicknamed “Desert Rose” from Dubai to home in Fowey, in Cornwall, United Kingdom, across 30 countries over 90 days, beginning in early April 2013”.

    This gruelling solo and unsupported, 22, 000 km motorcycle journey is in support of sick and injured children in the Middle East, who unlike us, do not have access to decent medical facilities.

    “I am fully funding the adventure myself including all costs for the motorcycles, modifications necessary, the provisions and travel expenses, these are being paid by me from my personal money. This means that all funds raised will go entirely towards benefiting the children and to the building of the new Paediatric Cardiac Unit in Gaza."

    What is it all about?

    “After 26 years in the Middle East, I consider myself very fortunate to have had a secure and happy family life; I have been able to educate and bring up my children in a safe multicultural environment; one that has benefited them tremendously, I feel it is now time for me to give something back and bring attention to the less fortunate children in the region, whose basic needs go unmet daily. Sick and injured children suffer unnecessarily; many are dying, due to the lack of adequate medical care and facilities and I intend to make a difference and do something about it”

    Taking 8 months off work before returning to the UAE after the journey he is dedicating my time fully to the cause.

    As well as raising funds towards the much needed Paediatric Cardiac facility and associated medical missions, he aims to generate awareness of the good work being done by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). He is excited and enthusiastic about the charity and the adventure.

    “Recognising the challenges I will face. I feel that this will, in a small way enable me to better understand the everyday life struggles of the less fortunate children I am aiming to support”.

    desert roseThe Journey will see him riding through a total of 30 Countries: Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, then covering central and southern Europe, crossing central to Northern Europe and back to UK.

    The gruelling journey will involve riding through treacherous terrain and temperature extremes ranging from the heat of the desert to the extreme cold conditions Northern Iran and the Caucuses.

    “Unsupported and completely Solo, I will carry everything I need for the journey, including spares, tools and (hopefully) enough knowledge to fix any problems along the way.”

    Why this charity?

    Richard wanted to find a charity which is a non-profit, non-political, cross cultural organization with a proven track record of providing help to children in need. The perfect match was found with the PCRF who have many years of experience and have helped numerous children to have a healthier and happier life.

    “My chosen charity, the PCRF, is a non political International organization with an established track record of success, I feel honoured to have been accepted as a part of an established and growing community of like minded individuals with a vision for a brighter future for all of these children”

    Please take the time to visit www. PCRF.net and experience the amazing work being done by 1,000’s of volunteers around the world.

    How will he manage completely alone and unsupported?

    On the journey he will definitely experience hardship, physical and mental stress and discomfort and testing and trying situations, these will require will power and determination to continue with the challenge.

    “In a small way this will enable me to reflect on the challenges and suffering experienced by these less fortunate children on a daily basis”.

    With mind, body and the logistical preparations sorted, doing this for such a fantastic cause and having the great PCRF team behind, nothing will stop me successfully completing this challenge.

    Stay connected, follow The Journey:

    the route

    These are the relevant communication channels for the Healing Hearts Journey and links to the PCRF:
    There will be a daily blog with photos and videos and the bike and he will have tracking devices. The tracking will be linked to the web site that will enable people who are interested to do so, to follow Richard on the journey on a daily basis.

    Richard will also be doing a blog for children as this is about helping them.

    "I intend to make sure that we connect with the children we are helping and show them that people do care. This will eventually be made into a book to be given as a memento to the children we are helping. I intend to go to Palestine to deliver this message in person."

    “Together we will make a difference”

    Find out more about the PCRF, The Journey using the following links: 

    PCRF Official Web Site:

    Healing Hearts Journey Official Web Site:

    Donation Web Site:



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