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    joyce in abu dhabi The wonderful Joyce is ExpatWoman's lady about town in Abu Dhabi and she's going to keep us updated on what's happening in the capital of the UAE and general musings on expat life in Abu Dhabi.
    She's also the hostess of our ExpatWoman Coffee Mornings held weekly in Abu Dhabi- you can check the schedule out on our Events Page... we'd love to welcome you there!
    Enjoy the musings...

    WEEK 4: Jan 31st 2013

    Gadget Woman

    My mum tells stories of what things were like when she was young, and it seems like the dark ages: -, heating the iron on the fire to do the laundry, having to stop every 10 minutes to heat the iron up again. The ‘blackouts’ and bombing raids and air raid shelters, the food rationing in Britain during the 2nd World War …..My mum was 6 years old before she ever ate a banana, she had seen pictures of bananas, and imagined what it would taste like, but when she actually had one to eat..(once the war was over) it was so exotic and delicious, she loved it.

    I think about the things I tell my kids about when I was growing up, we didn’t have a phone in the house until I was 12, I went everywhere on my bike when I was a kid, we knocked on our friends door to see if they were coming out. We had two channels on TV, and by the time I was 15, four!. The first computer I saw, came to our secondary school when I was around 14, it arrived in 4 trucks, and filled 3 classrooms, we marked binary code onto a postcard, with our name and address, and went back the next day to see it printed out, and punched onto a strip of tape.

    gadget crazyI like a gadget… or I should really say that my hubby and I both like a gadget, we had a mobile phone, (well, if you could call it mobile, I needed a handbag to carry it round with me) before anyone we knew had them, so was pretty much a waste of time, because nobody ever rang us. It was called a Car phone, and was actually more like a brick, the battery took all night to charge, and only lasted a couple of hours at most. We really liked the whole idea of being able to phone whilst on the move, and have always loved ‘technology’. I remember reading in Readers Digest about the Information Superhighway… and was very taken with the idea of the world wide web, we got internet at home when the only choice was MSN or AOL, and at that time, again, nobody we knew had it, so couldn’t email anyone we knew in any case, but what a revelation, it seemed like I had access to every library in the world.

    So now, here we are, not really that long after it was all just technology, seen on Tomorrows World….,I have the world at my fingertips, Mac, iPad, IPhone, Kindle. We have Skype, Whatsapp, Google, Itunes, Facebook and Twitter. We log on to Expatwoman in the morning to see what’s going on in our city, ask each other questions, get online help and advice from strangers. We are in chatrooms and forums, can see webcam from almost anywhere in the world, we can Google our symptoms and read about our ailments, we can type in a list of what is in the fridge, and get a recipe for dinner. I’m amazed every day at what I can see and do while sitting at my desk at home. I wonder what things my kids will tell my grandchildren about when they were young.

    As a wee note, apparently the Vauxhall Corsa (little three door car) has more technology than the Apollo 8 did.

    For more information on life in Abu Dhabi visit www.expatwoman.com/abudhabi
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