• What's your worst holiday nightmare?

    If you didn’t know, the ExpatWoman team have a weekly slot on a local radio station here in Dubai. Every Sunday we get to spend a short amount of time at the DubaiEye 103.8 studios to discuss all things travel and events!

    Recently, we talked holiday nightmares. That’s right; the times where your holiday hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, or a cool summer’s breeze providing ultimate relaxation. Instead, we wanted to know what happened when it all went wrong.

    Bad weather on holiday

    Be it medical related, or stranded abroad, a weather mishap or an embarrassing tale… We asked both EWers and DubaiEye 103.8 listeners to tune in and share their tales!

    From ExpatWoman, we had forum users share their nightmares from dragging luggage around a miserable London, to facial injuries to unloading a car from the front windows.

    This one is great; it’ll make you laugh both in embarrassment and sympathy for our forum user…

    “When I was a little girl we went on a family holiday to Spain. Total disaster.

    I cut my foot open and ended up with 3 stitches, a waiter had an epileptic fit at our table as he was serving us, my dad had to rescue a boy from the swimming pool, myself and sisters got stuck in the lift (what made it worse was we had a chip butty with us and you could see everyone getting the smell of it and looking around to see who had the food) and then on the way to the airport in the coach we got stopped by armed police and 3 young lads made a run for it...... And this was all in a fortnight on the Costa del Sol!”

    Or even this one…

    “My holiday nightmare was as a young teenager actually, when my little brother decided to jump on my face in the pool while I had big snorkelling goggles on. Cue deep cut and huge black eye! I still have the scar...”

    Or this one, that sounds like a complete nightmare!

    We went to Disney Land Orlando. Fantastic time but then DH reversed our 4x4 into a palm tree… We couldn't open the rear door… We came to our second last day and off we went in the morning but our eldest son was suffering from the heat. We headed back to our apartment but the keys wouldn't work. DH went off to see reception but then I began to have a very sneaky feeling about the actual date of our departure because we had changed it a few times. DH returned and yes we should have checked out and our flight was leaving in 3 hours. Panic set in. We phoned the airline and not surprisingly they told us to get to the airport immediately to see if there was any chance of getting on the plane… We screeched to a halt at the car hire place and trying to look as though it was the most natural thing in the world to remove our suitcases through the passenger door ran for the airport…”

    It’s safe to say, that while they’re all nightmares at the time, as the saying goes… It’s fun to look back on it and laugh!

    What holiday nightmare have you experienced? Share it on the forum thread!
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