• When you feel like you're missing out

    Social media is an incredible thing; it can connect you worldwide with people located all over the place, instantly. But not only does it help you keep in touch, it has a horrible habit of sneaking up on you and reminding you of the things you’re missing out on back home.

    Friend’s weddings, christenings, birthdays, funerals, important dates in friend’s and family’s lives, achievements and more.

    Missing out on life back home

    You can’t deny it; even the most experienced expat will still feel a pang of guilt and upset about missing out on some of life’s best moments for our loved ones.

    One of our EWers brought the topic up, in fact, in a recent forum thread. She had been feeling down about not having the chance to go on her friend’s hen party weekend, and said, “sometimes I think if living abroad is worth it when I feel like this.”

    Of course, as expats, we always have to put things into perspective, as one user rightly pointed out…

    “It's a choice I made and I knew there would be sacrifices but it's still hard.”

    We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t find it hard sometimes. And we’re pretty sure every expatriate has been through the same, if not similar, situation and emotions. Our forum users proved it to be true, too, as a few offered support and advice to help.

    One forum user who has been an expat for over ten years now said it doesn’t get any easier, and everyone thinks she lives the best life ever… Yes it’s great, but she’d give everything to be back home at these times. To help, she tries to be a part of the special events she’s not physically there for by organising something special… And we love the idea!

    You can order a bottle of bubbly for brides’ to be, a special gift to be delivered for someone’s birthday, ordering a get well soon teddy and card for a sick friend… You could even go as far as organising a special spa or beauty treatment all paid for, for your friend or family member to enjoy. Why not have a bouquet of flowers delivered on the morning of your loved one’s wedding?

    Because you see, as much as the Internet and social media has a knack of reminding you of what you’re not there for, it can also help you to make sure you are there, some way, somehow. There’s an endless supply of online shopping websites and gift shops that you can order from to have delivered to your loved one.
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