• The changing definition of "home"

    We asked our ladies a tricky question on our forum the other day... We say tricky because as expatriates, it is understandably difficult to give a succinct response to something so broad and fluid. If you want to read all of their responses, you can visit here.

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    Some of you may feel displaced or disorientated, and at a loss regarding exactly where "home" is and what it means to you, and thus it is difficult to respond. Especially you ladies out there who are third culture kids... The worst thing we can ask you is where you belong.

    On the other hand, which seemed to be the popular answer in our forum thread, it's a matter of where you and your loved ones are, and a lot of EWers agreed that home is not a place, but a feeling.

    We liked this point especially: "home is an environment you create, not a location".

    Nonetheless, if you type the "define home" into Google, this comes up:

    "The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household." 

    It's literal, and yes, there's no denying that some EWers agreed with this physical definition of the meaning of home. 

    But the majority disagreed. And I do too.

    By becoming an expatriate, you've made the decision to leave the home you know and recognise, the home you were comfortable in. Therefore as expats, we are all forced to adapt and develop our identities, our habits and our principles to suit our ever-changing environments that we choose to live in. We are all encouraged to find, if not, create a home environment that we can exist in... Be it in Dubai, in Singapore, in the USA or elsewhere.

    So it begs the question; are expatriates changing the definition of home all together? And is the expatriate lifestyle ruining what we have all been taught and understood as the definition of home?

    You can join the debate on our forum, or you can comment below with your thoughts!

    Over and out, Rebecca @ ExpatWoman.com

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