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    I am not a nutritionist by any means, though I do like to educate myself on a healthy lifestyle. I have never been one for counting calories or eliminating the amount of food I intake (I love food too much), but I am cautions of what type of foods I eat.

    Healthy eating raw food

    I am always looking up what’s good for you, what’s bad for you, what food will naturally give me energy or help me sleep. I think the reasons I do this is so I can make the most of life, and I enjoy eating foods that make me feel good on the inside.

    So while I have been having my green tea in the morning and my chamomile tea at night I keep reading all about eating RAW. All I see on blogs and websites that promote healthy lifestyles is we have to eat RAW. It’s better for our bodies if we eat RAW. What is eating RAW?

    Eating RAW is a dietary habit that people adopt. You basically cannot eat any cooked foods. That means, what you are eating has at no point has been heated, in particular the food cannot at any point reach temperatures above 118 degrees (so cold cooked meat does not count). It also means you can only eat unprocessed food too.

    The theory behind it is that once food reaches this temperature it actually destroys all the nutrition they contain. Heat destroys vitamin C, therefore making it better to eat vegetables raw. Raw food is also beneficial for your digestive system. When we heat food it loses some of the natural enzymes, which is bad because enzymes boost digestion.

    So I thought I would try this new diet that people are crazy about and see if I felt any better. At least my oven could have a rest for a week.

    For one week I ate RAW food. Surprisingly it was easy to do and maintain. It was easy as I could prepare food in advanced and not have to worry about re-heating it. There were lots of options I could choose from; pulses, beans, chick peas, nuts, fruits and vegetables. There is even a lot of products in the super markets that were actually “RAW”, especially chocolate and fruit bars. That helped a lot.

    I avoided eating out at this time as I thought that would be too difficult to avoid hot food. Though it was a nice surprise when I found a café near my office that did RAW cakes! And they were yummy, bonus.

    Overall, I did feel like I had more energy and my digestive health felt in good working order. However, I did miss a nice hot meal at the end of the day! I could not do this full time. I might adapt this RAW eating into some of my daily meals, or maybe one day a week. We have Vegetarian Tuesday at my house so I might adopt a RAW Sunday!

    Do you have any RAW food meal plans or recipes you'd like to share? Head to ExpatWomanFood and let us know!

    Catherine @ ExpatWoman.com

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