• Expat Man Series

    We're mixing things up at #ExpatWoman this week, as our attention turns to the other gender.

    Guys, admit it. We know you love to use our website for all of your research, advice and even when you need to look for a little gossip. That's what we're here for! Because, and you might be surprised to hear this, our website is perfectly acceptable to be used by you, too! Just not our forum, sorry!

    Expat man series

    You see, we're very much aware that women aren't the only expats around the world. You men are expats too, and we have a lot of content that you might find interesting. Like upcoming events in Dubai, the next box-set you can devour or even your next trip abroad... And they're not even scratching the surface.

    So this week, in honour of the other halves in our lives, the spotlight is on you expat men!

    With our Expat Man series, discover the world of an expatriate from the other side of the coin with our number of interviews with blokes from around the world.

    Find them all here >>

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