• A guide to Mother's Day around the world

    Mothers seem to be very lucky in the UAE as there are 3 Mother’s Day dates that can be followed here; the UAE, the UK and the USA dates. Lots of days to celebrate wonderful mothers! Here we take a look at how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world and some gift ideas…

    mothers day gift ideas dubaiMothers Day Gifts
    Mother's Day is a time to get creative and make something special and unique for your mother or to splurge and buy a gift... and don't forget to buy or make a card.

    Gift Ideas...
    Flowers are always a great Mothers Day gift- arrange to have them delivered as a lovely surprise. Choose bouquets with lovely spring colours to brighten up your mum's day.
    Chocolates always go down a treat- literally! Buy the biggest box you can afford and have it beautifully gift wrapped to make your mother feel special- she can blow the diet for one day and if you're luck she will share them with you :)
    Perfume is always a lovely gift to give and a treat. Find out what your mother's favourite perfume is and see if you can find a nice box set that includes a body lotion or bath gel as well for that extra touch.
    Gift Vouchers can be bought for anything these days it seems. Why not buy for a lovely meal or even a mini break away? Theatre trips are also a lovely experience for mums- see if you can go with her to make it a double treat.
    On A Budget? You can always make or find gifts for Mother's day without breaking the bank and mums' do love the personal touch. Here are some ideas for you...
    • Make a scrap book up of old family photographs and mementos,
    • Knit her a scarf- knitting is suprisingly easy- you may find a new hobby in the process
    • Cook her a meal- give her a day off from the kitchen- including the washing up!
    • Bake her her very own cake or box of cup cakes
    • Paint her a picture on canvas- she'll have her very own unique masterpiece- if you thinkg you're not very good at painting objects- do something easy- say lines of colour to match her living room- experiment!
    • Make up a book of gift vouchers that she can call in from you over the year... clear out the cupboards, tidy up the garage, sort out the garden, clean her car from top to bottom, give her a big hug... use your imagination and you can come up with lots of little favours for her
    When is Mother’s Day 2013?

    March 10th- Ireland, United Kingdom
    March 21st
    - Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
    May 13th
    - Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, United States
    May 31st- Morocco, Sweden
    June 4th- France
    Around The World Celebrations

    How India
    A westernised version of Mother's Day is officially observed on May 10 in India, though cities and cultural centers tend to celebrate it more than the smaller settlements. On this day mothers receive flowers, a prepared meal, cards or a phone call.
    How Japan Celebrates...
    The Japanese call Mother's Day haha no hi. The Japanese celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. A family may prepare and enjoy traditional dishes that their mothers taught them to cook. The Japanese give their Mothers flowers; especially red carnations; scarves, handkerchiefs and handbags.
    How United Kingdom Celebrates...
    mothers day dubaiLike the rest of Europe, England and Ireland observed the mid-Lent holiday and honored and decorated their “Mother Church,” the church where they were baptized. The church eventually extended the observation to honour all mothers. The English called this Mothering Sunday and, in the 1700's they observed it by taking a break from the fasting and penitence of Lent and having a family feast.

    Children would make a rare journey home from their apprenticeships and jobs to spend the day with their mother and family. Today the UK’s Mother’s Day continues in much the same way as the old tradition, with cards and dinners in honor of Mom.
    How Ethiopia Celebrates...
    Mother's Day in Ethiopia occurs in mid-fall when the rainy season ends. Called “Antrosht,” Ethiopians celebrate by making their way home when the weather clears for a large family meal and a three day long celebration. For the feast the children bring ingredients for a traditional hash recipe. Girls bring butter, cheese, vegetables and spices while the boys bring a bull or lamb. The mother prepares the hash and hands it out to the family. After the meal a celebration takes place. The mothers and daughters ritually anoint themselves with butter on their faces and chests. They dance while the men sing songs in honor of family and heroes. This cycle of feasting and celebration lasts two or three days.
    How Italy Celebrates...
    Italians celebrate La Festa della Mamma with a big feast and a cake made in the shape of a heart. Typically Italian schoolchildren will make something to bring home to their mothers, and the family will take care of the chores for the day.
    How Pakistan & Saudi Arabia Celebrate..
    The celebration of Motherhood in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is called Yaum ul-umm. It is inspired by and modeled after the western tradition of Mother's Day in which all mothers are honored and given gifts. Celebrations and feasts are customary.
    How The USA Celebrates...
    When the first English settlers went to America, they discontinued the tradition of Mothering Day. While the British holiday would live on, the American Mother’s Day would be re- invented centuries later. One explanation for the settlers’ discontinuation of Mothering Day was that they just didn’t have time; they lived under harsh conditions and were forced to work long hours in order to survive.
    When the United States congress approved Mother’s Day in 1914, they designated it for the second Sunday in May, and required that the President proclaim the Holiday every year shortly prior to its commencement.
    Typically a family in the United States will devote Mother’s Day to activities in honour of mom, whether playing games, going out to dinner, taking the weekend off or going on a walk in the park. Flowers are popular and it is also common to give cards and chocolates.
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