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    Every week we will share with you our Editor's top picks from that week... They're all from across ExpatWoman.com, and can range from Expat Guides, to Country Guides, to home, family, car, beauty and events. Make sure you don't miss a beat with our Editor's Picks! 

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    1. 20 Countries Where You Can Cool Off this Summer

    If you've had enough of the suffocating heat and humidity that summer brings with it, then head to a country where the lower the temperature, the better!

    2. Mum's Sugar Guide for Kids

    As mothers, it can be a daunting task to plan what to feed children especially in this day and age when we are given so many choices. Nonetheless, most of these choices aren't healthy at all. In fact, most of them are loaded with added sugars, also called empty calories, that can do more harm than good.

    3. Top 5 Airports for the Best Layovers

    With many of us traveling far and wide for holidays or trips back home, we often spend a lot of time in airports. Due to distance, many of us will have a layover in a transiting airport. So we've compiled a list of the best airports for a layover! Some have attractions that will make you wish you had a longer waiting time...

    4. Explore the Capital of the UAE

    Forget Dubai and Oman, the UAE's Capital Emirate actually has some fantastic things to see and do!

    5. The Benefits of Long Term Fasting

    Did you know, unlike the intermittent fasting that occurs during periods such as Ramadan, there are people all over the world that are engaging in long term fasting a.k.a 'water fasting', purely for the perceived health benefits related to it!
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