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    1. 5 Ways Camp Prepares Your Child for Adulthood

    Far from the stereotypical presentations of summer and spring camps in popular culture and films (hello, The Parent Trap anybody?!), camp can actually be very beneficial for your child in different ways. So it's okay to feel less guilty next time you ship them off for the holidays...

    2. Healthy Eating in Ramadan

    It is important to eat sensibly and healthily all year round but particularly in Ramadan. Even if you're not fasting, it's a great opportunity to ensure you don't overeat or scoff unhealthy foods in large quantities. Plus, the month is about self-control and discipline!

    3. Understand What Your Cat is Saying

    Cats make a whole lot of different noises, and can vocalise up to 100 sounds - impressive right? Well now with this handy cat lingo guide, you'll understand exactly what your kitty is after from you next time they purr, meow or hiss!

    4. Reasons Why a Child May Need Learning Support

    There are many reasons why a child might need additional support for learning. It can be a particularly daunting concept for some parents, allowing additional support for your children may make you feel anxious but no matter what, you have to do what is right for your child, you and the family.

    5. Pay It Forward with EW's Random Act of Kindness

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