• Editor's Picks: Summer Camp Guide and more!

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    1. The ULTIMATE Summer Camp Guide

    Summer in the sandpit can be quite difficult at times; how do you entertain those energetic kids that are tearing up the place!? Well, perhaps a summer camp will be a fantastic opportunity for both them socially and academically. Here are all the best ones in Dubai!

    2. Father's Day is near...

    Fathers' Day is a nice day to celebrate fatherhood and to do something special for your dad. Learn about the history of the day, and even get a nice gift idea!

    3. The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

    It's inevitable: there will be certain shapes of glasses that don't suit your face shape. Find out which shape would suit you best so you can be summer ready and bang on trend!

    4. Maintain your Natural Nails

    It’s the time of year when coloured polishes are removed and natural nails emerge leaving hands and feet in need of a little extra care and attention.

    5. UAE Ramadan Dates & Timings

    As Ramadan is based on the Islamic lunar calendar, dates can vary from year to year. Keep up to date on the expected dates and working hours here.
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