• Easy April Fool's for your office

    We're still deciding whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but we have a couple of pranksters in ExpatWoman headquarters who do enjoy unleashing a spot of mischief every now and again on unsuspecting colleagues.

    So in honour of the first day of the month of April, here's a few very quick and very easy office April Fool's pranks you can commit today!

    April fools prank computer

    1. Change the keyboard keys
    If your victim isn't as good as you at touch-typing, this one's an easy one to do! Be careful though; make sure they have an old-school keyboard, one that makes it easy to get a ruler underneath each key. And don't yank too hard otherwise you might break something...

    April fools prank mouse

    2. Tape over the mouse sensor
    This is so simple, so quick and generates a short amount of time of laughter... But so worth it for anyone who's not quick enough to look underneath the mouse.

    April fools prank screen

    3. Turn their screen upside down!
    This one is great if your victim isn't tech-savvy and doesn't know how to turn this back the right way up. To complete the prank, simply press Ctrl + Alt + down arrow. And Bob's your uncle! Their screen will be upside down.

    Enjoy April Fool's Day!

    Over and out, Rebecca @ ExpatWoman.com

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