• ExpatWoman and the BBC's #100Women

    Today ExpatWoman.com joined in the global #100Women debate run by the BBC. This is an annual debate that the BBC hosts across the world. It was the number one topic trending on Twitter in the UK last year during the debate.

    The BBC first launched 100 Women back in 2013. The debate examines women and their roles in societies today. It explores women, how they are viewed and the issues women face today in the modern world across many cultures. This was discussed across the internet social media, television and radio. I was proud to part of this worldwide moment. It still shocks me that so many women live without a voice in the 21st Century. I hope that being part of this movement can make a small chip in knocking down this blockade.

    The BBC #100Women and ExpatWoman.com

    At 1pm today a group of ExpatWoman.com members sat in our conference room in the middle of Dubai to participate in the debate.

    We watched 3 videos and then discussed the theme of each one. The three topics were leadership, image and relationships. Being a group of expats in Dubai we had opinions and voices from various cultures across from Europe, Asia and Africa. This made for interesting discussions and even though I am extremely well-travelled, I learnt some new perspectives.

    The videos were evoking and interesting to discuss. One of them even riled me as men were expressing archaic views about women’s roles in society. My one thought in my head was: “This has to change”. One of the most common themes that came up from our debate that men were not our obstacles in trying to make a change but it was us, women who were the problem. Sometimes women can be their own worst enemy and it’s better if we work together. Do you agree?

    Nonetheless, I felt good and united among my fellow women as we were making a change in this small room in Dubai; by discussing these issues and sharing them with the world we were working towards uniting women and help give those a voice.

    Remember, “women united will never be defeated”!

    Did you participate in the chat? What are your views on the topics discussed?

    Catherine @ ExpatWoman.com

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