• Perform a Random Act of Kindness this Ramadan

    As the legendary Kevin Spacey taught us many years ago, it's always better to pay it forward than backwards!

    At #ExpatWoman headquarters, we know as well as anyone that we have all received kindness from strangers and people who we do not know. As expats, we are always on the lookout for each other, because no matter how much you love your host country, it can still feel a little daunting when you are far away from home.

    Here at EW, we're always (unknowingly) sharing and finding stories about random acts of kindness we receive while living in Dubai. There has been some great stories - such as people taking the time to give advice on how to get your ID card, a lift to a medical center or new friends take you out for dinner to get to know you.

    As Ramadan is a great time for reflection and a chance to give back to the community, we here at #ExpatWoman are challenging all of our followers around the world to perform one random act of kindness throughout the Holy Month. Even one small act can change someone's day! People say that the person may forget what you did, but they'll never forget the way you made them feel at that moment in time.


    Do not forget to share your #ExpatWoman Random Act of Kindness with us on social media: use our hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and even share your stories on our forum! We can't wait to hear from you.

    Click here for suggestions and ideas to get you started!

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